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Looking for something else to secure your property?

Perthshire SWITCH:

We don’t just install systems here at Perthshire Securities. We can repair and maintain all systems, even if not installed by ourselves! To find out more, see here or call 01738 479 and quote SWITCH to our experts.

System Upgrades:

Is your current system in need of an upgrade? For the best price and the option to configure your new system to current sensors, Call Perthshire Security Solutions on 01738 479 764 today to speak with an adviser and arrange your Free, No obligation system upgrade quote.

Smoke, leak and gas Detection:

Wouldn’t it be great to have the peace of mind that if your washing machine started to leak or your plumbing failed, that your alarm system could tell you immediately? This technology is here, now.  Speak to us today and we’ll give you a quote to a fully integrated alarm system covering break-ins, smoke, flood, leak, fire and gas detection.

Vulnerable People Assistance:

At Perthshire Security Solutions as we are able to provide yourselves with various security measures, we can proudly provide your home with a fully integrated system to keep your loved ones safe, and gives you piece of  mind. For more information on our fully integrated systems, please speak to a member of our office team.

Barriers & Gates:

Restrict access to driveways and car parks with our security barriers and gates. At Perthshire, our main aim is to provide protection through a wide range of services, Our barriers and gates are no different. With a wide range of maintenance contracts to suit your every need, once your barrier/gate has been fitted by ourselves, or someone else, we can offer a range of service levels to suit you – Contact us today for more information.

All our security systems are installed and maintained by current European regulations