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CCTV cameras are an obvious visual deterrent and where an intruder system is present it is almost guaranteed that any perpetrator would reconsider burglary, causing damage or harm. Unsure if CCTV will benefit you? Read our CCTV Pro’s and Con’s post here.

CCTV cameras are not just for commercial use, they are used for many purposes from capturing a crime on your property for evidence to simply being able to see who is at your front door.  With infra red for improved night time vision now available for internal and external CCTV cameras not even hiding under the cover of darkness is an option. Our most popular system is comprised of Hikvision Turbo 3 HD cameras connected to a HD monitor, providing the clearest images for your own peace of mind.

In most cases your CCTV cameras can be connected to your TV or a PC monitor. And with the correct equipment, computer, tablet or Smartphone it is possible to view the CCTV images from anywhere in the world! You don’t even require a separate monitor or recording device, just a router is needed.

All our installations are designed with you in mind. At Perthshire our main aim is to ensure our customers are satisfied and feel secure in their property, if you require a fully integrated CCTV, Fire and Intruder alarm system, speak to an adviser today and we can get you a price! Our  systems start at just £99!

HikVision 4K PSS

Already have a CCTV system in place, installed by another company?  if you are looking to get your system upgraded, repaired or maintained, speak with one of our experts about Perthshire SWITCH. We offer great maintenance contracts and fuss-free upgrades, give us a call and we can sort the rest!

For a free, no obligation quote for a CCTV system or more information on the systems we can offer, contact our helpful office team on 01738 4479 674 or via email on

Nathan installing some CCTV cameras.