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Monitoring or No Monitoring?

Monitored alarm systems are your foot forward to getting police response to your home or work alarm system. Police Scotland will only respond to recognized alarm systems, meaning if your alarm was to just ring, there is no guarantee anyone would turn up.   Monitoring stations are used to alert the occupier of an activation. […]

CCTV: Is it for you?

Britain has more CCTV cameras per head with the average person said to be seen 300 times a day on surveillance cameras. With CCTV becoming increasingly popular for domestic use as well as commercial, before making the jump into getting a system installed it is best to weigh up the benefits with the downsides of […]

Perthshire’s Top Tips July 2017

With summer here I am sure everyone is looking to ensure their home safe from intruders whilst you are enjoying your holidays. Here is some of our top tips to secure your property this summer holidays! Put your post on hold: A large pile of post behind your front door can be a tell tale […]