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Assisting Local farmers

Here at Perthshire Security Solutions, We have been approached by a local farmer with a request for surveillance in one of his cattle sheds on the farm. The farmer wanted to be able to check on his cattle whilst they were calving as this time of year is crucial for farmers to ensure their cattle do not get into any struggles whilst calving.

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We installed one of our PTZ cameras that has some very important features that can assist in unimaginable ways. The camera is able to pan the full 360 degrees of the shed, It can tilt to look directly below where the camera is palced, as well as being able to zoom up to 30 times to perhaps check a cows ear tag or to verify a unknown licence plate approaching the property. With the pan, tilt and zoom features working in conjunction with each other, there isn’t much you can’t see in the shed.

Whilst on site, the engineers can set up the system to be fully functional from your smart device as long as there is an internet connection at the location of the recording unit. This allows you to check on the premises before you go to bed, or perhaps when you are away on holiday. The practicalities are endless with the new cameras, and the can be easily fitted by our engineers for you to save any hassle you may have.

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