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Heart Start Project

image1Throughout the month of November, our team has been working hard with Hunters of Kinross on the latest project

in Kinross. The team at Hunters, the butchers have been working with the Heart Start foundation on putting Defibrillators into the town for 24/7 public access. We teamed up with them for the installation of one to provide the CCTV coverage of this unit.

We have positioned a small (completely wireless) camera into the defibrillators storage box on the street of Sutherland Drive. This camera is run off a battery only requiring changing every 2 years dependent on usage. This enables us to position it wherever is required and will help for use in areas there is no access to mains power supply.

The camera will take a short video of around 14 seconds to capture the images of the person gaining access to the unit. This is then stored in a cloud server to be remotely accessed by those granted permissions through an app. We can play back videos, conduct tests from the unit and be notified of any activation. This is made possible through a roaming sim, all that is required is a 3G signal. A data plan is provided dependent on usage of the unit.

We have linked the camera up to the door of the cabinet with a magnetic contact. Upon breaking the magnetic force, the camera then begins recording. The magnet is then reset when the cabinet door is closed.

This does not have to be done through a contact, the camera would be fantastic in the setting of a rural farm with a motion sensor to catch any suspicious activity on farm roads or near your property. We are looking to explore some of the endless usages for this unit. We hope to be able to assist many more heart start projects with this kind of enthusiasm towards learning about new equipment and being able to teach members of the public about this to.

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We would like to say a big congratulations to everyone involved in this amazing project and we hope to see more people taking on this challenge in the new year.

Ian Spowart has said “We hope that it never has to be used, but we have enjoyed being a part of a new challenge and look forward to working with more of the public on these types of projects


We would be more than happy to assist anyone in these kind of projects.


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