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Monitoring or No Monitoring?

Monitored alarm systems are your foot forward to getting police response to your home or work alarm system. Police Scotland will only respond to recognized alarm systems, meaning if your alarm was to just ring, there is no guarantee anyone would turn up.


Monitoring stations are used to alert the occupier of an activation. This can be on an intruder alarm of a fire alarm,
but it has to be connected up fully. Here at Glendale, We offer our customers a keyholder response and police response to activations. This gives the extra peace of mind that you will know first if something has happened as your property.

The benefits of installing an intruder alarm that is monitored is endless. See some below:

  • Any personal attack signals sent through to the station via a panic button installed will be immediately policed. This skips keyholders and puts your safety first with guarenteed police response.
  • If you are not in your house, and a fire breaks out, who will know? you will be relying on neighbours or passers by to notify someone of the blaze. With monitored fire alarm systems, you will be alerted that something is going on at the property and needs immediate attention.
  • Our intruder alarms come with a button on the keypad that can request emergency assistance. This will send a signal and someone will call you to discuss what has happened. If required, the station can contact keyholders for you in case of distress, or in extreme cases the medical services will be called and requested to attend site.

Monitored intruder alarms are very important to rectify problems as soon as they begin.  From a study conducted in 2015 by Building Construction Design, it was found that three quarters of the group interviewed would ignore a burglar alarm system activating. In this case, they may be walking past someone breaking into your house and not responding to them. With alarm monitoring, You and people selected by you, will be alerted to this so someone can respond.


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