News from P.S.S - September 2017 - Perthshire Security Solutions

News from P.S.S – September 2017

At the Glendale Group, we have been very busy this month – Protecting homes and businesses across the country!

This September, We installed a new HD CCTV system for our friends at A.J. Hornig, West Calder.  A.J. Hornig are black pudding and haggis specialists, our personal favorite is their sweet chilli haggis – perfect if you fancy a wee change from the traditional haggis!  We upgraded their full CCTV system to a HD Turbo 3 system, complete with a 4K monitor and HD DVR earlier this month, here is what they had to say about the latest system:

”Those HD Cameras are no joke! Everything is crystal clear!
Thanks, Glendale Security Systems, for bringing us up to date with the latest in CCTV and all the hard work you’ve done over the past few days.
And thanks for the recommendation!”

Thank you for the lovely feedback guys!

A.J. Hornig Glendale 2.PNG

We also received some lovely feedback from Eladons Shetland Ponies, for a 4G system we fitted earlier in the year. Our customer required a CCTV system that she could view on her phone anywhere in the world. Here is what Elaine Glenn, From Eladon’s Shetland Ponies says:

”Just wanted to share a review of the cameras I had installed.

We are a small Shetland pony stud and due to living away from the ponies we decided to have the 4g router camera system installed giving us peace of mind at foaling time. On April 6th a beautiful filly foal was born to one of our oldest mares. Once on her feet, all 15 inches and 8kg of her decided to jump into mums water bucket and couldn’t get out. Had it not been for the cameras the foal would have drowned but we were able to get there within minutes to the relief of a panicking mum.
We’ve caught a few things needing our immediate attention with the thanks to this camera system.
Won’t be without it now.”

Great to hear that our customers love their systems – almost as much as we love installing them!

Not only have we been busy installing CCTV, we have also been installing various intruder, fire and door entry systems across Scotland. If you have had a system recently fitted by ourselves, and you would like to give us some feedback – We would love to hear it! Please go to our Facebook page or email us at


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