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Secure your home this Autumn!

With the change in seasons come the darker, longer nights!

Autumn brings the start of darker mornings and nights, which cunning thieves can use to their advantage – with studies showing that the amount of break ins increase during the winter months. There is many ways to secure your home, here is a few of our top tips this Autumn! 

Set timers!

As simple as it may sound, burglars are less likely to target a home or business which appears to be occupied. Purchasing a timing plug or light bulb, and ensuring the light turns on when darkness falls, can give the illusion that someone is home. Timer plugs and bulbs don’t have to break the bank either, see here. As technology is ever evolving, you can now purchase various products, such as this wifi enabled light bulb, meaning you can turn your lights on using your phone on the train home!

Conceal Valuables!

Concealing your prized possessions may seem easier said than done, but by hiding the most valuable items in your home may prevent an intruder break in. Positioning the television away from a window, or ensuring a laptop or tablet is out of view can stop your home from being a target. Also avoid leaving items such as car keys or wallets on window sills, someone may notice this and take the opportunity to break into your home.

Lock up!

Around 30% of burglars used an unlocked window or door to gain entry into the property. Ensure that prior to leaving the house or going to bed that all windows and doors are securely locked. For peace of mind, you can also install other intruder prevention tools such as chains on doors or replacing your front door if it looks worn.

Install an alarm system!

Having an intruder system installed at the property can be the main deterrent to any burglar or thief. Ensuring your system is in working order, and setting your system before leaving your home will make sure that if there was ever an attempt to break into your home that the alarm will activate – and notify yourself, or the authorities if your system is monitored. It is important that if you have a system installed at your home that it is in working order, and that your bell box is not worn, by ensuring this you can feel safe in the knowledge that your home is protected. We would also recommend combining an intruder system with a CCTV system – this way, if ever there was an attempt at a break in at your home, you can see the culprits and report the incident. For more information on Intruder systems and CCTV, see our website.

PPS Bellbox on Brick Wall

Improve Boundaries!

Ensure that your home is secure by setting clear boundaries around your property. Having a gated entrance, or a secure fence, can deter any intruder hoping to break in. By having well-kept shrubbery in your front garden can also help conceal your property – i.e. the front door and window, from someone who is looking for an opportunity to break in. If you have an intruder system installed, speak with your alarm provider about signs and notices to show your home is alarmed and monitored, warnings placed on fences and gates can be a visual deterrent to the opportunist.

Security Lights!

If you are still concerned about your property after you have ensured your boundaries are clear and secure, we recommend installing motion sensor lighting. Not only does the lighting deter any intruder who has stepped foot onto your property, the lighting will come in handy during the dark nights – for personal use! You can combine security lighting with a CCTV system, to start filming whenever the light is activated – ensuring that you will have recorded images of anyone who approaches your home, day or night. Security lighting does not need to be expensive, you can purchase D-I-Y motion sensor lighting online here.

Join your local Neighborhood Watch!

The more secure a street is – the less likely a burglar is to target! By joining your local scheme, you can help secure the whole street, as well as your personal home. You will receive local alerts about crime in your area, as well as being able to report any suspicious goings on. Burglars are reported to less likely to target neighborhood watch homes as they are more than likely to be caught. You can join your local scheme here – there is also various Facebook pages and Twitter accounts dedicated to various areas which people use to report any worrying behaviors.

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