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Latest Technologies August 2017

We have all heard of 4K monitors, with the promise of the highest quality of images available, but what is a 4K monitor without 4K cameras?

HikVision 4K PSS.PNG

Technology is ever advancing, with the option to have pictures streamed in a high quality image than ever before. Ultra HD cameras promise to stream high quality CCTV images directly to your screen – appealing to both domestic and commercial customers.

Currently, Most HD CCTV cameras on the market record images to a standard of around 2MP-3MP , and can be best viewed on a HD or 4K monitor, 4K promises the resolution of around 8MP.  However, many factors can affect the quality of a CCTV image, such as: quality of screen in which the images are viewed on, if the recordings are saved on a cloud network etc. To ensure the best possible picture, we recommend that UHD 4K CCTV cameras are paired with 4K Monitors and that the system is installed professionally with a DVR recording images captured on the cameras.

Not only do UHD cameras record the highest possible resolution of images recorded, you can also tailor special features to suit your personal needs. Some options include:

  • face recognition
  • the ability to read number plates
  • fast adaptability between night and day
  • Indoor and Outdoor suitable cameras
  • Motion activated flood lights
  • and much, much more!

The options for your 4K CCTV system are endless, and perfect for any home or business. If you require more information on our 4K CCTV systems call 01738 479 764 to speak with a member of team, we offer a wide range of servicing including upgrades and repairs of systems. Our quotes are FREE and No obligation, with all systems customized to suit your every need and requirement.


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