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CCTV: Is it for you?

Britain has more CCTV cameras per head with the average person said to be seen 300 times a day on surveillance cameras. With CCTV becoming increasingly popular for domestic use as well as commercial, before making the jump into getting a system installed it is best to weigh up the benefits with the downsides of Cameras guarding your property..

CCTV can deter intruders: with the use of CCTV intruders are less likely to break into your premises, as they are more likely to get caught. There is a wide range of camera’s and systems currently on the market, offering different features. For examples, privately owned car parks may look into cameras with a special number plate recognition feature, to catch any one who has caused damage with their car.

Keep an eye on your premises when you are not there: we all wonder what goes on in your home or business when you are not present, with the latest technology in CCTV – which is always advancing – you can view your property from your tablet or smartphone any where in the world! This ensures if you notice any thing unusual you can contact your local police force or a trusted key holder to check out the property.

Can be used as evidence: If the camera’s have not deterred the criminal, the images gathered from your CCTV can be used as evidence against them. CCTV camera’s can be used in shops to ensure all areas are being watched, and to avoid potential thieves or anti-social behavior going unnoticed. CCTV can be used both outdoors and indoors, for both commercial and domestic settings.

Costs: The initial cost of CCTV can put people off, depending on what features you require, how many cameras and quality of cameras can all effect the price of a system. Ultimately, the cost of a CCTV system should be compared with costs of the worst came scenario without them, for example, if you car got vandalized or your business has been broken in to.

Can’t stop crime: The truth is, with a CCTV system installed at your home or business, ultimately the crime cannot be stopped – however, as stated before it can deter some criminals or help prosecute them.

Overall, CCTV can be a great security addition to your property or business. At Perthshire Security Solutions we believe that the advantages of CCTV outweigh the disadvantages, and that CCTV can be a great tool in protecting any premises. If you would like a FREE, No obligation quote or some more advice on CCTV please call 01738 479 764 to speak with an adviser. Our security systems start at just £99 and we design our systems to suit every need and budget.


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